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Anonymous asked:
Could you give me a list of shops in the Hogwarts area?


You probably mean Hogsmeade! Here is every shop, with a short description about it!


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Anonymous asked:
Can you recommend some face claims for a young african american woman or even a teenager? Hair can be straight.

Here are a few of my favorites: 

  • Jessica Sula [19] — Could play 16-20
  • Nicole Beharie [29] — Could play 22-30
  • Lupita Nyong’o [30] — Could play 22-30
  • Laya Lewis [21] — Could play 17-22
  • Antonia Thomas [27] — Could play 20-27
  • Britne Oldford [21] — Could play 17-22
  • Kat Graham [24] — Could play 19-25
  • Zoe Kravitz [25] — Could play 19-25
I hope this helps, love.
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Anonymous asked:
Could you suggest some fcs for a Hogwarts-age Rubeus Hagrid?

Well, based on this picture of him when he was younger, here are a few options that come to mind: 

  • Miles Teller [26] — Could play 16/17-26
  • Gabriel Basso [19] — Could play 15-19
  • Callan McAuliffe [19] — Could play 15-19
  • Colin Ford [17] — Could play 14-17
  • Joe Dempsie [26] — Could play 17-26
  • Alex Arnold [21] — Could play 16-21
  • Justin Kelly [21] — Could play 16-21
  • Dylan Everett [19] — Could play 14-17
  • Sam Earle [20] — Could play 15-19
Of course, it might help to add a description to his biography talking about his height/weight, considering he’s supposed to be half giant. I hope this helps!
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Anonymous asked:
could you recommend alternative FCs for a young Severus Snape other than Louis Garrell?

Personally, Louis Garrell is one of my favorites, but here are a few other options that might work for you: 

  • Ezra Miller — 21 [Could play 16-21]
  • Kieran Culkin — 31 [Could play 18/19-28]
  • Alex Arnold — 21 [Could play 16-21]
  • Jeremy Allen White — 22 [Could play 16-21]
I’m afraid those are the only ones I can think of other than Louis, but I hope those help!
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Anonymous asked:
where do you find all of your pictures for the inspiration series?

I usually get my pictures from the following sites: 

Here are a few tumblrs I find incredibly useful for inspiration/photo resources:

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Does anyone have any suggestions or requests for masterposts/guides/anything?

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Anonymous asked:
Hi I was wondering if you knew of any master lists or master posts in regards to playing a witch. I don't mean like one in the Harry Potter world, but more like one in fairy tales (both good and bad witches/white vs black magic) Thanks again in advance for your time :)
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Alright, kids, pull up your chairs. It’s time to do some math.

I know, I know. A lot of us aren’t so great at math. But not to worry, this is basic math. No number greater than twelve. And really you just need to know your months, so I know you’ve got this.

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